About Us

The Jurassic Maths Hubs brings together mathematics education professionals across Dorset, Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire in a collaborative network to develop and spread excellent practice through professional development, for the benefit of all pupils and students. The Jurassic Maths Hub is led by The Woodroffe School. We work with all phases from Early Years through to Post-16, in line with the national Maths Hub programme.

We offer a range of professional development Work Groups for teachers to work on an area of practice in a sustained manner and the Hub is also a network for the local mathematics education community. We work closely with Teaching Schools and the school-to-school support that they offer that is often on an individual institution basis.

The Woodroffe School in Lyme Regis is the Lead School for the Jurassic Maths Hub which extends from mid Devon to Wiltshire, some 900 schools. The Maths Hubs are a structure, within a school led system, for promoting and connecting different schools and organisations that aim to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics through collaborative Professional Development.

The country is divided into 35 hubs with four being in the South West reaching from Gloucestershire to Cornwall.  There are no set boundaries between the Hubs and we work closely together.  A school does not have to belong to a Hub but can choose to join particular work groups, though location is likely to dictate the easiest Hub for this. Each Hub has a Lead School, The Woodroffe School being that for the Jurassic Maths Hub.

To find out more about our neighbouring Hubs, please click on the relevant link below:

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If you wish to find out more about the Maths Hubs national agenda then go to mathshubs.org.uk.

Who Directs the Hub?

Who Dorects the Hub?The Jurassic Maths Hub has a Steering Group of Math’s Leaders and Senior Leaders from Primary, Secondary, and Grammar schools together with the University of Exeter and advisors from across the different regions. The National Centre of Excellence in the Teaching of Maths have a central role to guide all of the Hubs.

Some of the Teaching Schools alliances involved are:

  • Jurassic Coast Teaching Schools Alliance
  • South West Academic Trust
  • Twynham Learning Alliance
  • Dorset Teaching School Alliance
  • All Saints Teaching School Alliance
  • Wimborne Teaching School

Special Schools:

  • East Dorset Alliance
  • Poole Teaching School Alliance
  • Wessex Teaching School Alliance