NCP3 Post-16 Participation

This national project has the broad aim of increasing participation levels of post-16 students in A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics courses, and other level 3 courses, such as Core Maths. In this context, many hubs will also explore ways of increasing the proportion of girls studying maths at this level and beyond.

In the initial phase, each hub identified schools and colleges with a track record of high participation rates in advanced mathematics courses, identifying the strategies that had led to this successful engagement, and exploring ways of helping schools and colleges with lower participation rates implement those strategies themselves.

The project leader is Georgina Wallace-Walton from St Edward’s School, Poole supported by Jo Sibley, FMSP area coordinator and Tom Rainbow, Core Maths Lead.

All hubs are collaborating closely with locally based colleagues working for both the Further Mathematics Support Programme and the Core Maths Support Programme.