Shanghai Exchange

An important component of the overall Teaching for Mastery Programme is the annual exchange of teachers between schools in England and those in Shanghai. Every school year since 2014-2015 a group of teachers in England, usually two per Maths Hub, has taken part in this exchange. The format is broadly as follows: teachers from England spent a week or two observing how maths is taught in Shanghai schools, and later in the school year host partner Shanghai teachers at their own schools in England for a fortnight or more. When the Shanghai teachers are here, their lessons are observed by teachers from neighbouring schools in every Maths Hub area, and post lesson discussions take place, in which the lesson design and delivery in un-picked in detail. In this way, across the country, several thousand English school teachers have been exposed to this version of teaching for mastery in this way.

The fourth China–England exchange is now underway.  Seventy teachers from England visit schools in Shanghai to observe maths teaching there and, later in the year, their Chinese exchange partners spend two weeks teaching maths at schools in England.

Jurassic Maths Hub have two participating teachers in 2017-18.  They are Peter Lewis-Cole from Warberry C of E Academy (part of the Learning Academy Partnership South West) in Torquay and Joe Jackson-Taylor from Muscliff Primary in Bournemouth.  They have visited Shanghai and will host two Chinese teachers in Torquay in January 2018.