Summer Conference 2018 Workshop Information

Please click on the links below to find out more information regarding this years selection of Workshops for the 2018 Summer Conference:

Workshop 1:

  Teaching for Mastery - on the fingers of one hand: five things to think about in the primary classroom (284.2 KiB, 66 hits)

Workshop 2:

  Developing Deep Mathematicaal Learning in Early Years (141.2 KiB, 0 hits)

Workshop 3:

  Secondary Teaching for Mastery (92.1 KiB, 0 hits)

Workshop 4: 

  Leading PD in mathematics and being an SLE (100.5 KiB, 0 hits)

Workshop 5:

  Mathematical Thinking for GCSE (114.7 KiB, 79 hits)

Workshop 6:

  Making the best use of pre-teaching and assigning competence (129.6 KiB, 66 hits)

Workshop 7:  

  Primary SKE (98.4 KiB, 34 hits)

Workshop 8:

  Effective use of a textbook/mastery approach from an expert practitioner (173.3 KiB, 68 hits)

Workshop 9:

  Level 3 Mathematical Research and Development (34.1 KiB, 52 hits)

Workshop 10:

  Challenging Topics at GCSE (160.7 KiB, 46 hits)

Workshop 11: Teaching Assistant SKE.  Information to follow shortly.

Workshop 12:

  Year 5-8 Continuity (Multiplicative Reasoning) (157.5 KiB, 67 hits)

Workshop 13:

  Lesson Design (85.1 KiB, 72 hits)

Workshop 14:

  The Shanghai Exchange (79.0 KiB, 63 hits)

To submit your Workshop Choices please complete the Booking Form and email to:   :

  Workshop Selection and Booking Form 2018 (39.2 KiB, 111 hits)

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Please ensure you have secured your place at the conference BEFORE submitting your workshop choices, otherwise these choices may not be registered.