The MegaPixel Project

Posted on October 14, 2016

During the coming half term week (starting October 24th 2016) the University of Bath Maths dept, and the Further Maths Support Programme are running the MegaPixel project, in conjunction with Manchester MegaPixel, and coinciding with the University of Bath’s 50th birthday celebrations.

The plan is to explore the way light, maths and digital technology creates images, by creating a large full-colour image made entirely from pixels of Red, Green and Blue.

MONDAY 24th OCTOBER, and TUESDAY 25th OCTOBER, 2016. 1000 – 1600 in 4W Atrium University of Bath, Bath BA2 7AY

Activities will be suitable for families to come and colour in pixels together, and learn some maths on the way.

  • How does my phone display full colour?
  • Why is white labelled as #FFFFFF?
  • What colour is #83FD61?
  • Why are RGB colour displays often labelled as having 16 million colours? (Actually 16,777,216)

You can see more information at the Bath Megapixel website, or email for more information.