Primary Mastery Development Programme 2020 / 21

Posted on July 7, 2020


Primary Teaching for Mastery Development Programme 2020/21

The Jurassic Maths Hub is pleased to invite you to apply for our Primary Teaching for Mastery Development Programme 2020/21, with opportunities across Dorset, Devon and BCP. You can find out more information and express an interest in this programme using the links below:

Primary Teaching for Mastery Development Work Groups
This is part of the continuing programme to develop teaching for mastery in mathematics in primary schools. Participants are schools who wish to develop a teaching for mastery approach. Each school sends two teachers to half-termly meetings supported by a Mastery Specialist. These meetings give opportunities for joint observation of lessons as well as collaborative planning. After each of these meetings, all schools agree actions that they will take before the next meeting. Each term the Mastery Specialist completes a school visit to support the school in its development of an action plan and to collaboratively plan with participating teachers. There will be 7 groups across the hub region with schools grouped according to geography.

If you require further information on either the application process of the Programme please email

Please note if your school has already taken part in the Development Programme previously they will NOT be eligible to apply again.

If your school is interested in joining a Mastery Development Work Group then please click HERE to apply.

For more information about our Mastery Programme please click HERE.