Oracy – Research and Innovation Work Group

This Work Group is full and we are no longer taking applications .

Oracy is often described as the complementary skills of learning to talk and learning through talk. The aim of this Work Group is to establish and develop a community of practice able to identify effective strategies to promote learning through talk. A particular focus will be evaluating the impact of students’ own questioning (in particular among themselves) on their mathematical reasoning.
‘Thank you very much for this morning’s presentation. I am feeling inspired and am looking forward to seeing how the strategies impact upon some of my less vocal and very vocal students’

Post pandemic many more students are reluctant to: talk about their mathematical thinking, share ideas, make connections using what they know and collaborate with others in maths lessons.
We believe that focussing on oracy can help rebuild mathematics communities and re-establish mathematical behaviours.


What is involved?

Work Groups will follow a workshop – school-based work cycle.
Various approaches and strategies will be discussed, incorporated into the participants’ existing schemes and resources, trialled and evaluated.

What are the benefits?

Participants and their schools will:
✔ understand the approaches and
strategies which will develop an oracy
rich culture and support mathematical reasoning.
✔ participants will engage in collaboration between primary and secondary colleagues on issues of oracy 
✔ students show improved reasoning skills

Expectations of participants and their schools

Schools/colleges must be able to commit to the full academic year’s programme. This involves a total of two face-to-face and four online workgroup sessions across the academic year, as well as classroom and school-based activity. Participants must also be supported by their school/college leadership to explore outcomes from the project with other colleagues in their department.

Workshop details

Workshops will take place on the following dates:




Fri 18th Nov 22



Thu 5th Jan 23



Thu 2nd Feb 23



Thu 9th Mar 23



Thu 27th Apr 23



Thu 18th May 23


Face-to-face, location TBC

We are currently not accepting applications for this Work Group, please add your name to our waiting list if you would like more information on this Work Group once the application window re opens.