Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics – Primary Teachers

This project is designed to support primary teachers in developing specialist knowledge for teaching mathematics, thus enabling them to understand, teach and support pupils in maths in the classroom.

Who can take part?

These programmes are designed for teachers who would like to further develop their specialist knowledge for teaching maths. They will be particularly relevant for teachers that have moved phases or teachers that have not received maths-specific training.

We are offering two versions of the programme which focus on different areas of mathematics:

  • Programme 1: Multiplicative Reasoning – applications closed
  • Programme 2: Spatial Reasoning – applications open

What is involved?

The model for these programmes is four PD days with in-school work between these days plus a short introductory session. Schools are encouraged to engage at least two participants in a group, where possible, in order to maximise learning and impact. The plan is for the programme to run fully online to allow access across the hub region; if applicants are in the same area we will look to move to face to face.

The Wider Context

Programme 1: Multiplicative reasoning is essential to understanding the number system and underpins several key aspects of work in number, including rational number, ratio and proportion and percentages.  This programme will consider what is effective in the learning and teaching of mathematics, with a focus on multiplicative reasoning, specifically:

  • Unitising and multiplication as repeated addition
  • Structures of multiplication
  • Structures of division
  • Understanding fractions within multiplicative reasoning.

Programme 2: Spatial reasoning has been shown to contribute to understanding number as well as being an important area of mathematics in its own right. This is a new programme which will explore key aspects of spatial reasoning, specifically:

• The importance of spatial reasoning
• Shape and space
• Area and perimeter
• Spatial reasoning and number.

What will you learn?

Participants will:

  • enhance their maths subject knowledge with an emphasis on the key structures in each mathematical area covered
  • understand key elements of mathematics and how understanding can be supported, including attending to precise language, structures and representations
  • review their practice as a result of the sessions and make specific adaptations to impact on pupil outcomes.

What is the cost?

The SKTM Primary Teachers Programme project is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participating state schools.

These Work Groups are no longer taking applications.  2023/24 applications will open in the Summer term. 

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