Alf Coles

Engaging in Practitioner Research

Session Overview

In this talk Alf will propose practitioner research as a vehicle both for researching our own practice as leaders of professional development, and as a vehicle for getting teachers engaging in research. 

Alf has made use of practitioner research for the last 25 years and will draw on this experience, and the work of others, to distill out some features of what makes such work impactful, including in the area of leading professional development with teachers. There will be an opportunity to discuss your own practice in leading professional development and consider implications.

Short biography

Alf is Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Bristol. He graduated from Oxford University in 1992, did a PGCE at Cambridge in 1994 and then taught for fifteen years in secondary schools. In 2010, he joined the University of Bristol and completed his doctorate in 2012. He now teaches on the PGCE course and the Masters’ course at Bristol, supervises PhD students and engages in his own research. His research areas of interest include: teacher development; ways of working with video; listening and hearing in the mathematics classroom; early number; creativity in the classroom; metacognition.

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