Mastering Number – Embedding the Impact 2023/24

This community is for schools who have already engaged in Mastering Number at Reception and KS1.  One nominated Lead Teacher will receive support to make Mastering Number a permanent element of the school curriculum.

The Lead Teacher will engage in an online learning community and have continued access to all teaching materials, recording of central sessions, and sample teaching videos.

Who can take part?

This community is open to all 2022/23 Mastering Number schools who are engaged in a 2023/24 Teaching for Mastery Work Group (or have a formal expression of interest in working with the hub on teaching for mastery in future years ie. completed an application form – see below). It is also open to schools who engaged in Mastering Number 2021/22 who have not previously engaged in this community.

What will you learn?

  • Your pupils will show confidence in exploring additive relationships
  • Your pupils will make good progress towards the Early Learning Goals and year group expectations
  • You will work with colleagues either in school or in a local school to better understand how the Mastering Number resources can enhance teaching
  • You and your school leaders will build on the learning of the first year of involvement to embed and sustain the practice in future years

What is the cost?

The Mastering Number – Embedding the Impact community is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participating schools.

Teaching for Mastery 

To be eligible to join our Mastering Number Embedding the Impact Work Group schools need to be part of our Teaching for Mastery Programme.  (NB. Embedding the Impact does not require the same time commitment as Mastering Number).

For more information on the Teaching for Mastery Programme please use this link: Teaching for Mastery – Jurassic Maths Hub

To apply for one of the stages of TfM please click on the appropriate link below:

If you are unsure of which stage you should apply for please contact