Current Work

What is the Hub Doing?

What is the Hub doing?The majority of the work we do is through nationally coordinated projects being run by the Maths Hub network.  Each Maths Hub puts together its own programme of Work Groups to run locally based on the national set of projects.  We also offer some of our own locally-devised Work Groups as well.

A detailed action plan is in place for each year that includes Work Groups for all phases from Early Years to Post-16.

The Steering Group are clear that the majority of the funding available locally should be spent on classroom based Professional Development as that makes the most significant difference in the long-term and is a well-established model for schools working together.

How do I get Involved??

Work Groups vary in their capacity.  A few are unlimited though most are constrained by geographical location, finance or leadership capacity in an area.

Recruitment to Work Groups is broadly by us advertising the offer through our newsletter and website.  Some Work Groups are targeted at a selection of schools and some are part of a national recruitment campaign.  National campaigns are promoted by us as per other work groups.  If you are interested in a Work Group then do get in touch or click HERE to see more information and how to apply, or our brochure below.

What is Hub doing this year?

The current work is set out in the following diagram and more detailed table.

Please click HERE to view below: