Primary 2018/19

This year Dan Polak from Woolacombe School, working closely with Kate Lee from Shiphay School, took part in the exchange and travelled to Shanghai before Christmas.  The return exchange in January was hosted jointly with CODE Maths Hub  at the Shiphay School in Torbay.

Delegates attending the Shanghai Showcase Lessons observed the Chinese teachers (on the 23rd and 24th of January) teaching two showcase classes (one Year 3 and one Year 6).

Please find below a list of materials, presentation slides (click on the images) and accompanying worksheets, that were used during the showcase lessons:



  Worksheet-One (132.9 KiB, 103 hits)

  Worksheet-Two (278.3 KiB, 91 hits)

  Worksheet- Three (125.1 KiB, 82 hits)

  Worksheet-Four (222.3 KiB, 87 hits)

  Worksheet-Five (173.1 KiB, 86 hits)

  Worksheet-Six (169.9 KiB, 93 hits)

  Worksheet-Seven (100.8 KiB, 91 hits)

  Worksheet-Eight (54.4 KiB, 97 hits)


  Worksheet-First_Lesson.pdf (255.0 KiB, 89 hits)

  Worksheet-Second Lesson (251.3 KiB, 78 hits)

  Worksheet-Third_Lesson.pdf (202.6 KiB, 88 hits)

  Worksheet-Fourth_Lesson.pdf (204.3 KiB, 85 hits)

  Worksheet-Seventh_Lesson.pdf (104.3 KiB, 90 hits)

  Worksheet-Eighth_Lesson.pdf (220.0 KiB, 94 hits)