Secondary 2018/19

Jurassic Maths Hub was delighted to have been selected to host a Secondary Shanghai exchange during 2018/19.  The Castle School, Taunton, was one of eight centres nationally to host an exchange.

Delegates attending the Shanghai Showcase Lessons observed the Chinese teachers (on the 23rd and 24th of January) teaching two showcase classes (one LPA Year 7 and one HPA Year 8).

A feature of many Shanghai lessons is the use of Variation Theory and delegates were asked to complete some pre reading (a chapter from Mike Askew’s Transforming Primary Mathematics)  in order that they got as much from the day as possible.   A scan of the chapter can be found HERE.

Please click on the One Drive link to access the video footage:

Please find below a list of materials, presentation slides (click on the images) and accompanying worksheets, that were used during the showcase lessons:


  Worksheet-One (217.3 KiB, 85 hits)

  Worksheet-Two (531.2 KiB, 89 hits)

  Worksheet- Three (567.6 KiB, 108 hits)

  Worksheet-Four (418.0 KiB, 83 hits)

  Worksheet-Five (250.6 KiB, 88 hits)

  Worksheet-Six (159.0 KiB, 85 hits)

Plus a bonus worksheet: 

  HOW MANY TANGRAMS DO YOU HAVE (189.1 KiB, 97 hits)


  Worksheet-Lesson One (102.2 KiB, 81 hits)

  Worksheet-Lesson Two / Three (137.4 KiB, 86 hits)

  Worksheet-Lesson Four (73.7 KiB, 84 hits)

  Worksheet-Lesson Five (86.8 KiB, 108 hits)

  Worksheet-Lesson Six (86.8 KiB, 98 hits)