Singapore Textbooks Research

This project involves the use of high quality textbooks to support teacher professional development and deep conceptual and procedural knowledge for pupils. The aim of the project is to help participating teachers and schools develop and embed a mastery approach to maths teaching.

In this project last year, two schools from each Maths Hub area, in Year 1 classes only, trialled the use of adapted versions of textbooks used in Singapore. The two schools for the Jurassic Maths Hub were St. John’s First School, Wimborne and Parley First School, Ferndown. The schools chose to work with the textbooks Maths – No Problem, adapted by the publishers Maths No Problem.

Teachers engaged in the project participated in five workshop days to support them in introducing the books to pupils, in using the books in the course of lesson planning and design, and in their own professional learning.

This academic year 2015-16, the two original schools will continue the trial in Years 1 and 2. In addition, St Sidwell’s Primary School, Exeter and Stoke Hill Infant School, Exeter, will start the trial in Year 1. Also this year Wimborne Teaching School are providing the opportunity for other schools to get involved with this project. Further details can be found here

The project leader is Katharine Anstey from St John’s School, Wimborne