Secondary Mastery Specialists Programme (Previous)

You might like to read a document about the core themes of teaching for mastery in a secondary school context.

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During 2016/17 all Hubs have had up to 4 secondary teaching for mastery specialists working in their Hub area. Their work has consisted of the following elements:

  • Participation in three 24-hour residentials across the year looking at the elements of teaching for mastery;
  • Undertaking research and development work in their own classroom, developing their own understanding and practice of teaching for mastery approaches;
  • Working with colleagues within their own department, supporting individual teachers’ understanding and practice and developing departmental policies, practices and systems.
  • Beginning to work with colleagues outside of their own school through the vehicle of teacher research groups (TRGs).

For the Jurassic Maths Hub the specialists are:

  • Gary Potter, The Purbeck School, Dorset
  • Dawn Dyer, Stoke Damerel Community College, Plymouth
  • Jonathon Schuring, Twynham School, Dorset
  • Owen Gratton, Torquay Academy, Torquay

The Teaching for Mastery Work Groups

In 2017/18 all Maths Hubs will have a Work Group led by their Mastery Specialists to develop practice at a local level.  The Work Group will be an opportunity for collaborative professional development activity. It will support all participants in developing a shared understanding of teaching for mastery principles and provide an environment where new classroom and departmental practices can be tried out, shared and developed. Work Group activities might typically include:

  • Exploring aspects of teaching for mastery together – coming to a shared understanding;
  • Engaging in the collaborative planning of lessons;
  • Being involved in shared, mutual observation of lessons (live and/or videod);
  • Developing curriculum materials;
  • Developing curriculum plans and policies.

Further details about how to join a Work Group will be shared soon.