Frequently Asked Questions

How do I belong to the Jurassic Maths Hub?
Hubs do not have membership or defined borders.  The country is shared into Hub regions and individuals within those regions can join Work Groups or attend events.  There is no reason why individuals can not access Work Groups of more than one Hub especially if that suits them geographically.

What is a Work Group?
A Work Group is what each project within the Hub programme is called.  It is named this as each participant should be ‘doing’ something in a pro-active manner.

How are decisions made within the Hub?
Each Hub is structured differently.  The Jurassic Hub has a Strategic Board that aims to guide the work of the Hub and consider its alignment with other bodies, such as Teaching Schools.  There are two sub Steering Groups, Primary and Secondary, which consist of school based Maths Leads from across the region together with experts from the local mathematics community.  The Strategic Board meet termly whilst the Steering Groups meets once every half-term.

How do work group leads book train tickets?                                                                                                            Please use the online booking form http://bit.ly/2mBDvX9