KS2 Mixed-Age Mathematics Webinar

All classrooms are mixed-age; some are just more mixed-age than others. Since the 2014 National Curriculum set out the programmes of study in year groups, there has been a steady flow of materials and resources made available to support the teaching of mathematics in KS2, all focussed on single-age groups. Whilst some schools with multi-age classes manage these by funding additional support to enable the teaching of separate year groups, this is not always the case. 


Offered by Devon Education Services, this one-day webinar will explore what else is possible, when learners in multi-age classes spend time working on mathematics together, the positive benefits for learners and what we can all learn from thinking about how best to manage this approach, all underpinned by a clear focus on the aims of the national curriculum and the five big ideas of teaching for mastery.

We will draw on recent collaborative lesson research cycles in small schools (two and four class schools) and there will be practical tasks for participants to undertake, within their setting, as part of the day, as well as ideas and suggestions for how to ensure rich mathematical experiences that all learners and teachers can enjoy.