Teacher Subject Specialism Training

Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST) is being set up in readiness for teaching GCSE. The Post-ITT Mathematics TSST courses provide high-quality professional development to those teaching, or wishing to teach, mathematics within secondary school.

This is being run by the following schools;

Heathfield School, Taunton led by Tony Bloxham TBloxham@educ.somerset.gov.uk
Tony Bloxham at Heathfields Teaching School in Taunton reports that progress is being made. Sponsorship has been secured from SASH, to set up six subject based networks, one of which is Maths, and interviews are taking place next week. Their SKE Training in Maths has started and a Primary equivalent is just about to begin delivered by the Cabot Learning Federation. They are also looking at developing a programme for subject leaders, linking some generic training around leadership, with their Challenge Partner Hub work around peer review, and the subject input coming from one of the Grade 1 schools in the alliance.

Poole Grammar School led by Andy Oldmann OldmanA@poolegrammar.com
Andy Oldman from Poole Grammar School has advised that they currently have 21/22 on their TSST course but ultimately they would hope to recruit 30 participants, preferably from school from the west of Dorset. The location of workshops could be an issue but they are open to suggestions re a variety of venues. At the moment they have ten workshops running on Thursday evenings from 4.00 pm until 6.00pm.

University of Southampton led by Dr Janice Griffiths J.B.Griffiths@soton.ac.uk
Janice Griffiths at Southampton Univerity has 19 applicants for the subject specialism training all of whom have been sent a MoU. They hope to be able to recruit to their target figure of 25. Janice is looking for experienced maths teachers who might be willing to mentor the participants on the programme, and do some lesson observation, peer teaching, etc. She has some funding to cover small payments or supply cover.

Plymouth Teaching School Alliance led by DRoughton@phsg.org
The course is specifically for:

  • non-specialist teachers who could teach maths in addition to their main subject.
  • Teachers, including those at KS2, who want to retrain as maths teachers.
  • to provide greater support to teachers wishing to return to the profession through access to subject specialism training courses.

The course commenced on 17th September and the 18 participants were informed that the course will improve their maths subject knowledge through schoolled teacher subject specialism training opportunities.

The course leaders are all experienced maths teachers from across the city.

  • Adrian Daw, Eggbuckland Community College
  • Dawn Dyer, Stoke Damerel Community College (SDCC)
  • Donna Roughton, Plymouth High School for Girls (PHSG)
  • Richard Whitehouse, All Saints Academy Plymouth (ASAP)

It was explained to the participants that the year ahead would be a challenging one. It will develop their mathematical knowledge and give them an insight into the distinctive pedagogy that occurs within mathematics. The tutors hope that by the end of the year all participants will be able to teach mathematics up to and including KS4. Independent subject knowledge study will be carried out on a weekly basis by the participants. This will take the form of the subject specific units provided online by the University of Plymouth. There are 9 strands of assessment in the new GCSE for mathematics which participants will need to familiarise themselves with.

There are also TSST courses running in Exeter and Yeovil.