All Maths Hubs have an annual allocation of funding to be used for locally designed programmes. This enables each Hub to work on areas that are of particular relevance or priority within their region. The Jurassic Maths Hub has made extensive use of this funding over the years, notably to support schools across our region that are often geographically distant and, in the case of Primaries, often small. Some of these programmes, if successful, then evolve into national programmes. If you have an idea for an Innovation Work Group please contact

The Jurassic Maths Hub Mastery Approach

Over the last few years The Jurassic Hub have run various innovative Work Groups focusing on various areas to support the approach of teaching mastery in the classroom. These groups can be found listed below, please click on any areas of interest to find out more: 

Other areas of Innovation include:

The Innovation Programmes we are running this year are set out below.