Jurassic Maths Hub

The Jurassic Maths Hubs brings together mathematics education professionals across Dorset, Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire in a collaborative network to develop and spread excellent practice through professional development, for the benefit of all pupils and students. The Jurassic Maths Hub is led by The Woodroffe School. We work with all phases from Early Years through to Post-16, in line with the national Maths Hub programme.

We offer a range of professional development Work Groups for teachers to work on an area of practice in a sustained manner and the Hub is also a network for the local mathematics education community. We work closely with Teaching Schools and the school-to-school support that they offer that is often on an individual institution basis.

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Primary and Secondary 2018/19



This year Jurassic Maths Hub have one teacher, Dan Polak from Woolacombe

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AMSP are holding six Year 10 Enrichment Morni[Read the rest]

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