2024/25 TfM Secondary Sustaining Options – Apply Now >

Eligible schools in 2024/25 will have a choice from four Work Group options below, depending upon their preferred focus and stage of development. Eligible schools will have previously completed the Developing TfM phase of the programme or have been the host schools of TfM Specialists.

The path to TfM Sustaining explained in more detail HERE. 

Fully funded by the Maths Hubs programme. This offer is free to state funded schools. 

A: Developing Mathematical Thinking

This Work Group is designed to support the development of a curriculum which includes explicit problem-solving strategies.

Dates and times of sessions will be published in due course.

B: Developing Fluency with Multiplicative Reasoning in Key Stage 3

The new 2024/25 focus on developing fluency with multiplicative reasoning is open to all schools involved in the Sustaining phase of teaching for mastery, even if they have taken a break since starting their mastery journey. Multiplicative reasoning underpins approximately two thirds of the content of GCSE Maths, and this focus will allow departments to fully understand its implications for KS3 teaching.


Dates and times of sessions will be published in due course.

C: Developing Coherence across Maths & Science

This Work Group is jointly lead by specialists in maths and science to support schools develop improved coherence between these curriculum areas.

  • Weds 13th Nov online 4-5:30
  • Weds 4th Dec all day in person
  • Weds 15th Jan online 4-5:30
  • Weds 5th Mar all day in person
  • Weds 30th April online 4-5:30
  • Weds 4th June online 4-5:30

D: Teaching for Mastery Lesson Study

This Work Group is designed to give participants an opportunity to participate in a lesson observation cycle. Participants will collaborate, observe and evaluate the impact of a lesson. There will be opportunities to consider the Five Big Ideas in Teaching for Mastery and the Essence of Mathematics Teaching for Mastery.

Dates and times of sessions will be published in due course.