Primary Teaching for Mastery Sustaining Work Groups 2024/25

This is for primary schools who have previously been involved in a Teaching for Mastery Development and Embedding Work Group, or who are Mastery Specialist schools. It is also suitable for schools who have been in a Sustaining Work Group previously and want to continue to progress with TfM. It brings together schools working to sustain their mastery approach to maths. The Programme is fully funded so is free to participating school.

Please note only schools taking part in a TfM Sustaining Work Group in 24/25 will be eligible to take part in our Mastering Number at KS2 Programme. Schools will need to apply for this programme first to be sent the link to enable them to apply for Mastering Number at KS2.

Sustaining Work Groups are a permanent form of support where schools can focus on continued improvement, consistency and refinement of teaching for mastery. Teachers, maths leads and headteachers are all involved, striving to support teachers, and looking at collaborative planning and subject knowledge development.  

Supporting all schools who have engaged with Teaching for Mastery

In 2024/25 we hope to provide all schools who have engaged with Teaching for Mastery with the Jurassic Maths Hub, over the past ten years, access to free professional development that supports their needs and the needs of their teachers. We believe that every school will find something in our offer to support them with their priorities in maths for the coming year.

The offer is brought together as Sustaining Teaching for Mastery.

What is involved?

  • Registering interest by completing an online form.
  • Online meetings will then be arranged with each school (subject leader and where possible head teacher), early in the autumn term, to discuss the priorities of the school and the professional development needs of staff, and then to identify elements of the offer that would best support the school during 2024/5.
  • Unique to this offer are rich professional learning opportunities through participating in planning, teaching, or observing a research lesson. We hope that all schools, where possible, will consider involvement in a lesson research cycle; we hope to offer single-age and mixed-age lessons.
  • The school participates in the chosen elements and the subject leader reviews and evaluates impact of the work and shares this with the hub.

The choices available through the Sustaining Teaching for Mastery offer can be seen by clicking ‘More Information’ below.  Registering interest shows a commitment to the ‘core’ element only with ‘options’ discussed and agreed at the individual meetings. If you would like to find out more, ask a question or arrange a call, please contact: 

Have you also considered training your classroom Teaching Assistants ? We will be running a programme in 2024/25 where your TA’s could benefit from this professional development Work Group that is underpinned by the Teaching for Mastery principles. 

NB: If your school is new to Teaching for Mastery then this is NOT the right Group for you. Please look to apply for either Mastery Readiness or our TfM Development Programme.   

This Programme is for schools who have previously taken part in the Teaching for Mastery Programme.