Jurassic Maths Hub Summer Conference 2024

More than Words….. It is a pleasure to once again host our annual Jurassic Maths Hub Conference. This year’s Conference is titled ‘More than Words’  Problem Solving and Mathematics. The Conference will offer the chance to explore learning ‘to’ problem solve as well as learning ‘through’ problem solving. With two Key Note speakers,  Tom Francome and […]

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Breakout Session 1

Working Systematically  Through working on some maths together, we intend to draw participants’ attention to ‘working systematically’ as a strategy for problem solving. This session will explore what this might look like in classrooms and ways you might support pupils to problem solve applying this strategy. The session will also reflect on the potential benefits

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Post-16 Professional Development and Resources

Opportunities for developing teachers and maths departments and resources to support all post-16 maths teaching. To support teachers of post-16 maths, including Core Maths, A level Maths and A level Further Maths, the NCETM and Maths Hubs work in partnership with the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP). For 2023/24, there are opportunities in three professional

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Breakout Session 2

Early Years and Key Stage 1 With Dr Ruth Trundley and Catherine Gee Starting with a problem can provide all children (regardless of age or experience) the chance to notice, use what they know, and wonder, provoking ‘a sense of curiosity’ (National Curriculum p.3).  This session will explore four different ways of starting that have

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Working with Trusts

Lisa Bradshaw Deputy CEO at Three Saints Trust Are you a trust leader looking to develop your maths strategy whilst retaining and supporting your best teachers? Your local Maths Hub is ready and waiting to work in partnership with you to provide high-quality CPD that is matched to the needs of your trust. If you

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Jurassic Maths Hub Resources

Please find links below to indivdual resources created by the Maths Hub:  Executive Function This Work Group previously ran in 2022. For more information please click on the Executive Function button above.  Included on this resources page is a half hour webinar with Professor Camilla Gilmore, and Dr Ruth Trundley.  They discuss executive function and

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Maths Hubs Programme Annual Report for 2022/23

The NCETM has published a new report summarising the work of Maths Hubs during the academic year 2022/23. The report covers activity in all school phases from Early Years to post-16, and hears from participants in a range of professional development programmes. It also includes a section dedicated to those who leads Maths Hubs’ work, known as

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New: Leadership Opportunities for 2024/25

Primary Mastery Specialist Secondary Mastery Specialist Post-16 GCSE and FSQ Mastery Specialists School Development Lead Professional Development Lead The recruitment window has now opened for a selection of our Leadership Programmes for 2024/25: These programmes can be applied for up until 5pm on Friday the 29th of March 2024. Each Programme has an ‘information document’

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Become a Problem-Solving School with nrich

Want to raise the profile of mathematical problem-solving in your school? Looking for support to help your students become better problem-solvers? Want to be connected to like-minded teachers? Become a Problem-Solving School with nrich Problem-solving Schools is an exciting new initiative from nrich to help schools raise the profile of mathematical problem-solving and nurture better

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Helen Williams

My problem, your problem, their problem Session Overview During this session participants will work on a problem with a focus on reasoning and then consider how teaching has the potential to both support and undermine learner agency. Short biography Dr Helen J Williams is an independent educational consultant specialising in the learning and teaching of

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