Helen Williams

My problem, your problem, their problem

Session Overview

During this session participants will work on a problem with a focus on reasoning and then consider how teaching has the potential to both support and undermine learner agency.

Short biography

Dr Helen J Williams is an independent educational consultant specialising in the learning and teaching of primary mathematics. Her particular expertise is in Early Years and KS1 and she has a special interest in developing effective, research-informed, playful opportunities for learning mathematics. She is a member of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics https://bsrlm.org.uk , the Association of Teachers of Mathematics https://www.atm.org.uk and a founder member of the Early Childhood Mathematics Group https://earlymaths.org . She tweets as @helenjwc and blogs (sporadically) here: https://info125328.wixsite.com/website Her book “Playful Mathematics for Children 3 to 7.” was published in March 2022 and won the Nursery World Professional Book of the Year Award later that year.