Summary: Secondary and Post 16 Opportunities 2023 / 2024

Welcome to the Jurassic Maths Hub opportunities for 2023 / 2024. Please scroll down for more information on our Secondary and Post 16 opportunities and a chance to apply.

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Jurassic Maths Hubs Secondary and Post 16 Programmes 2023/24

Secondary Teaching for Mastery Journey

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Developing Teaching for Mastery (Year1)

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Participants are schools who wish to develop a teaching for mastery approach. Each school nominates two teachers (advocates) to engage in bespoke professional development, supported by a Teaching for Mastery Specialist. The focus in this year is to develop the advocates’ own classroom practice and may include: team teaching, joint observation of lessons, collaborative planning and resource design. Advocates will develop an understanding of the principles of teaching for mastery and the NCETM’s five big ideas. The nature of this phase will be specific to the needs of the individual school, but may include collaboration with other local schools involved in the programme. Any school who has not yet participated in the programme as a Developing School, or Specialist Host can apply to join one.

Developing Teaching for Mastery is the start of a Teaching for Mastery journey; in the second year the journey moves to Embedding Teaching for Mastery and in the third year Sustaining Teaching for Mastery.

Each participating school receives £2000 towards costs

Embedding Year Support Teaching for Mastery (Year 2)

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Schools in Developing Work Groups in 2022/23 are automatically invited to become part of an Embedding Work Groups in 2023/24 supported by the same Teaching for Mastery Specialist where possible. Bespoke support continues, but the focus shifts from individual teachers, to an impact across the whole maths department. 

Each participating school receives £1000 towards costs

Schools will then be invited to join a Sustaining Teaching for Mastery Work Group after this Embedding year.

Sustaining Teaching for Mastery (Year 3 onwards)

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All schools who have previously engaged in a Teaching for Mastery Work Group are invited to participate in a Sustaining Teaching for Mastery Work Group. This is schools in Developing Work Groups from 2015/16 to 2021/22 including schools in Embedding Work Groups in 2022/23, and the host schools of Teaching for Mastery Specialists. In 2023/24 there will be a choice of focus to help participating schools deepen their understanding of teaching for mastery and sustain the impact of the programme.

Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics (SKTM)




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There are four programmes available:

The programmes are focussed on developing specialist knowledge for teaching mathematics enabling participants to better understand, teach and support learners in the classroom.  Some programmes will run online, to allow access across the hub region, some will run face to face and others will have a blended approach. 

Leadership Programmes



Secondary Subject Leader Community

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The purpose of this project is to offer focused support to secondary heads of department/subject leaders, to enable them to better understand and implement teaching for mastery approaches across their department, and to develop in their role as leaders of both pupil learning and teacher professional development

Secondary Maths MAT Leads Programme

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The intentions of this programme are:

  • for secondary MAT maths leads to develop a good understanding of effective maths pedagogy and recognise teaching for mastery as such
  • to develop the secondary MAT maths leads as leaders of professional development, both with teachers and teacher leaders
  • to develop the secondary MAT maths leads as leaders of curriculum change in order that they can: (1) support those departments implementing a teaching for mastery approach (2)and/or implement a teaching for mastery approach across all the schools they have responsibility for
  • Where applicable, to enable secondary MAT maths leads to support and make effective use of any SMS or Mastery Advocates they have within their trust
  • to provide opportunities for these leaders to work collaboratively with their peers.

This project provides an opportunity for participants to deepen their understanding of effective pedagogical approaches and to recognise teaching for mastery as exactly this, of their wider roles, and of their capacity with their colleagues to transform secondary maths learning.

NCETM School Development Lead Programme

This project aims to support mathematics leads whose role is to lead change in a school or group of schools other than their own; refining their approaches to maths school development work including drawing on the expertise of, and aligning more with approaches used in, the Maths Hubs Programme.

Other Secondary and Post 16 Programmes



Years 5 – 8 Continuity Work GroupsThe Work Groups promote teaching for mastery approaches across the KS2-3 boundary to ensure consistency in the pupil experience, thereby meeting the Primary schools and Secondary schools strategic goals of establishing teaching for mastery approaches and encouraging schools in engaging with teaching for mastery support. The Work Groups also meet the Primary strategic goal of ensuring that pupils ‘are well prepared for the secondary maths curriculum’.

We have three Work Groups to choose from depending on location. 

  • East Dorset
  • Mid Devon
  • North Devon

Developing A Level Pedagogy Work Groups

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The aim of these Work Groups is to support the teaching of A level Maths, with a focus on pedagogical content knowledge in order to enhance and deepen student understanding of the course and its Overarching Themes.

There is a choice of two Work Groups within the Programme:

  1. ‘Developing classroom practice’ – A blended on-line/face to face Work Group based in Blandford, Dorset.
  2. Conceptual understanding of statistics using technology’ – An on-line Work Group.

Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics – Core Maths 

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This online programme is for teachers who are in the first two years of teaching Core Maths and are teaching a Core Maths class during the academic year 2023/24.

The purpose of this programme is to support teachers who are new to teaching Core Maths in developing specialist knowledge for teaching Core Maths and to increase their confidence in teaching the course.