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This Work Group previously ran in 2022. For more information please click on the Executive Function button above. 

Included on this resources page is a half hour webinar with Professor Camilla Gilmore, and Dr Ruth Trundley.  They discuss executive function and mathematics, using observations of a child working on a maths problem to illustrate inhibitory control, working memory and attention shifting/cognitive flexibility.

  • Professor Camilla Gilmore –  Professor of Mathematical Cognition at Loughborough University.
  • Dr Ruth Trundley Jurassic Maths Maths Hub Primary Lead and Primary Maths Adviser, Devon Education Services. 
This video was made in 2021. For more information please click on the button above. 

Dr Helen Williams and Dr Ruth Trundley have recorded a video in which they explore some key aspects of early learning in a way that might be used as a staff meeting. This involves maths teaching to Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes, and handles important topics for early maths understanding such as subitising, cardinality and composition. 

The recording lasts 40 minutes and asks you to pause in several places to allow staff to engage in activity.


Click on the button above to read the final evaluation report from 2019/20. 

During 2019/20 teachers from two Secondary schools and four Primary Schools plus a local Advisor, worked together in a collaborative group to see how the careful use of colour could enhance teaching and learning, and also how poor colour consideration could at times confuse learners.

The premise for group from their experience was that when maths is represented visually, colour can have significant impact. It can both support and undermine understanding depending on how it is used.

The group considered three different contexts: resources (manipulatives), board work, and pupil recordings.

Teachers involved, from EYFS to post-16, made explicit decisions about the use of colour and considered how they could use colour to draw attention to mathematical structure. They also identified potential issues arising when colour is present but not consciously considered by the teacher.

Changing lives and providing equality through pre-teaching and assigning competence. 2018.

Here is an article published by the Primary Jurassic Hub Lead, Dr Ruth Trundley, a related video clip and final report.  All written and researched in conjunction with Devon County Council and CODE Maths Hub. 

Ruth explores the impact of an action-research project supporting vulnerable children to be active and influential participants in mathematics lessons.


Applying Mastery in a Multi-Age Classroom – Final Report 2015/16

Here you will find the final report of a small-scale action research project, run in 2015/16, which explored teaching for mastery in mixed-age classes, focussing on how to teach so that children move through the programmes of study for their year group at ‘broadly the same pace’, a crucial issue when focussing on ‘closing the gap’.

The report includes a number of case studies focusing both on adapting the lesson structure to allow a focus on age-related expectations in a mixed-age class and elements of mastery (or quality first teaching) which proved to be significant during the projec