Jurassic Maths Hub Summer Conference 2022 – Breakout session two 2.15pm

The second breakout session of the day will also be co-lead by specialists from different phases.  Workshops in this session are intended to give the delegate an insight into how the Hub works and engages, focussing on three Professional Development tools.  Participants will experience one type of professional development that we offer as part of all our workgroups.

Delegates are asked to choose, when booking, which of these workshops in the second session, they would like to attend: 

Collaborative Planning

As collaborative planning is a key component of all Jurassic Maths Hub Work Groups, this session will give participants the opportunity to work in smaller groups and plan a teaching episode together. Participants will be encouraged to think deeply about the mathematics involved and the impact of the decisions they make as a group on the learners, anticipating children’s responses and making deliberate choices about what they work on. Time will be given to reflect on the role of the professional development lead in facilitating such work so that this tool can be used effectively back in your setting.

Using Video

Video is used in all our Work Groups, to both look at teaching pedagogy and to consider what children are thinking. In this session, participants will have the opportunity to watch a learning episode and will be invited to discuss what they notice. The session will examine how to encourage participants to use video as an effective PD tool within their own settings.

Using Research

A strong research and evidence base is fundamental to the work of the Jurassic Maths Hub and this session will look beyond using guidance papers and how we can critically evaluate the use of academic research as a professional development tool. Participants will be guided through how to ‘read’ a research paper and get the most out of it, so that they may support others to do the same.